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Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, Greece
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(+30) 2310.863.488


A short presentation of the company

The company A.Poulios was established in the year 1991. The company’s early mission was to undertake – construct electomechanical installations.

The founder of the company is mr. Apostolos Poulios.

The headquarters is in Thessaloniki.

After the fundamental growth of our company in the construction services the company EL-TEK A.POULIOS LP was founded.

Our company deals with the execution of public and private projects, especially electromechanical works as well as those owned by the prime construction activities but require special expertise such as:

  • Telecommunication projects
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Power generation projects
  • Maintenance of electromechanical facilities
  • The company is staffed with highly educated professionals with excellent technical background, and experience, which are important criteria for our successful growth.